Junior Tennis

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  At What Level Do You Play?
USTA 10 and Under Tennis
    • Junior Stars (Age 4-8): For the entry level junior. Players learn to rally and play on 36 foot courts with red balls.

  • Junior Aces (Age 7-10): For players with some tennis experience. Focus is on the basic skills, rules, and strategy of the game. Play is with the USTA red and orange balls on 36 & 60 foot courts.
USTA Jr. Competition Tennis
    • Junior Challengers (Ages 8-14): For players who are low intermediates to intermediate getting ready for match play and tournaments. Play is with USTA orange & green balls on 60 & 78 foot courts. Learn tactics and strategies using positive attitude and dealing with wins and losses.

    • Junior Tour (Ages 12-18) : For Junior and High School JV players. Match play strategies and tactics for singles and doubles. Conditioning, stroke development and ball placement skills required for high level play. Must be Blue Grips Program skill level.
Junior Tennis Camp
    • June 17 - August 16th

    • These dynamic high performance weekly tennis camps are for junior players who aspire to bring their game to the next level. The content is supervised by USPTA & PTR Master professional & USTA High Performance coach Ken DeHart:
        *  Techniques - using strategy, court position, pace for match play
        *  Physical conditioning - strength, speed, coordination, and injury
        *  Mental aspects of tennis- handling stress, dealing positively with
        *  Technical strokes- working on backhand, forehand, volley, and
            serve correction
        *  Movement - footwork patterns to send and receive the ball

  • Use of orange, green, and yellow balls will prevail and prepare the players for tournament and league play. For Junior players ages 6-18 with some tennis experience to advanced levels, equivalent to SCVCC Jr Aces, Challengers, and Junior Tour.
Grips Program Individual Skill Levels
    • Color Codes:   Derived from the concept of the belts associated with martial arts proficiency, the program's 11 stages ascend from beginner's white to expert's black.